First, I want to thank you for your prayers, patience, and support over the past two weeks. Pastor Dockery and David Q have been out of town leaving Susan, the staff, and myself to keep things afloat. You should know the staff of FBC is great and all do a fantastic job! Make sure to show them appreciation when you can. Secondly, thank you to Denton Millsaps for teaching the adult Bible study on Wednesday evening.

Coming in July, I’m going to preach a series of messages from the book of Zechariah. I wish I had months to cover Zechariah in its entirety; but alas my time is running short. I chose to use this space to include a short devotion from Zechariah to prep you for the series ahead. Enjoy –

Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts.” – Zech. 4:6

Chances are you’ve noticed our church has been richly blessed and resourced. Our church has a new building, air conditioning, Sunday school curriculum, several paid staff members, sound and music equipment, two vans, and much more. In fact, compared to the church around the world, we are the exception. Not every church – even churches within our own association – get to experience and enjoy so much. But, here is what we constantly need to be reminded of – if the Spirit of God is not evident in our ministries and members, then all our resources are for not. They’re a waste. We can have wonderful programs, dynamic worship, ministries for all age groups, and pristine facilities; but if we do not plead with God to send His Spirit, we will not have the lasting influence we desire. Only the Spirit of God can make dead bones come to life. Only God’s Spirit convicts, conforms, changes, challenges, and creates.

So, what are we seeking as a collective fellowship? What are you seeking in your own life? I pray we are seeking the Spirit of God. I pray we sense where His Spirit is working and cheerfully join Him. I pray we/you plead with God to send His Spirit among us/you. As believers, we are indwelt and empowered by God for God in order that we might proclaim – “Not my might or power, but only by the Spirit of God.”

In Christ Alone,
David K.