This past Sunday was a blessed day as we observed both of our ordinances, the baptism as we baptized Mike Cox and Pa Xiong, and then at the conclusion of our service we celebrated The Lord’s Supper. Thank you to everyone who was able to be a part of this. I want to thank our Deacons, our Lord’s Supper Committee, Baptismal Committee and others who helped so much in making the observances of our ordinances a worshipful time.

Also thank you to our “Lost and Found” for the beautiful music and our choir for the music that they shared with us during our worship service time.

Southern Baptist Convention June 11th and 12th in Birmingham, Al. Maribeth and I will be traveling to Alabama to attend our Southern Baptist Convention. Our SBC that started in 1845 meets only three days a year, June 10, 11 and 12th. Maribeth will be traveling to Birmingham to be able to be a part of our convention and working with messengers from the churches across the nation and around the world. What a wonderful blessing it is to be a part of a denomination that emphasizes evangelism and the study of God’s word and missions around the world. I am grateful to be a Southern Baptist, grateful for all that we are about. While we are there we will be visiting with some of our family. We have one of my sister’s, a nephew and niece in law who live in Huntsville, Maribeth’s sister lives in Birmingham, and my other sister lives in Tuscaloosa, so we are looking forward to being at the convention and also being able to visit family that we don’t often see.

Summer is underway at First Baptist Church! Two main events happening this summer is camp which is June 20—24th. Be in prayer for our children, youth, and our chaperones who will be going. Vacation Bible School is July 15-19th, title is “In The Wild.” Looking forward to another great week and opportunity to share and reach our community. Ignite –August 9, 10 and 11th. Please mark your calendars and make sure you are here on that Friday night, Saturday and Sunday as we will have special guest evangelists with us. Anthony Eubanks and the singing group “Render the Hearts”. Looking forward to a great time of spiritual encouragement during those dates.

Please be in prayer also for Susan Peyton as she will in Roanoke on Monday have the replacement of one of the leads to her pacemaker. Pray that all goes well and also pray for Kevin, Tommy and Ashley. Praying that you continue to have a great summer and look forward to God working at First Baptist Church.

Your Pastor and friend,
Pastor David W. Dockery John 5:24