From now until the end of the year, all of us are going to be caught up in the whirlwind that accompanies Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. These celebrations are joyous, but they can so often become a burden as a result of the stress that comes with them.

We have 1,000 things to do between now and the end of the year. We are buying gifts, coordinating work schedules, getting kids to school functions, getting kids to extracurricular functions, attending other kids extracurricular functions, decorating the house, making time for extended family we never see, trying to do other holiday themed events, traveling like crazy, etc. (you could all add a number of things to this list)

What makes the above even crazier is that they are in addition to what we have going on in our already busy lives. I am already stressed typing out several of these…

Which brings me to my point. My encouragement to you is to rest in the promises of God.

Matthew 6:34 says – “Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

In short, take a spiritual “chill pill”. Every day we draw breath is a blessing from God. When we come to grips with the fact the next breath we take is not a guarantee, it is easier to put our life into a godly perspective. Everything in the list of 1,000 things to do I mentioned is not something that is bad to be doing. The problem comes when we let daily stresses overwhelm us to a point we no longer believe that God is in control, or we let the holidays dominate every aspect of our life to where God only gets the leftovers of ourselves (if He even gets that).

David Adams preached this past Sunday about pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13). When we prioritize pressing on in our Christlikeness, the temporary stresses of the holidays become so much more trivial by comparison.

May we all take life one day at a time. And may we all remain focused on the grace of Jesus Christ.

Like Paul with the Colossians, I am praying for you this holiday season to be filled with wisdom, knowledge, strength, endurance, patience, and joy so that you may live your life in a manner that is pleasing and worthy of our Lord Jesus. (Colossians 1:9-12)